Class of '80
35th Class Reunion!

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Class of '80
35th Class Reunion!

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Class of '80
35th Class Reunion!

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Class of '80
35th Class Reunion!

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Class of '80
35th Class Reunion!

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Class of '80
35th Class Reunion!


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Class of 1980 Manchester TN

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The 35th Class reunion has been announced for August 15, 2015 at the Manchester Coffee County Conference Center.

During the day, prior to the nighttime activities, we will have a pavilion reserved at Fred Deadman Park from 11 am to 2 pm. There will be no charge for this and food and drinks will be available for purchase. you are welcome to bring lunch for your family.

Over time our family changes. some have children some young, some grown and now we are beginning to also expand to grand kids. Regardless of your family situation, all is welcome to come. We look forward to seeing everyone.


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Other Information for Classmates!

  • A group of classmates are now meeting about every 2 weeks to do planning for the Class Reunion.
  • We welcome any classmate that would like to participate in the planning or assisting with the reunion to contact us.
  • If you have an idea or would like something added to the evening schedule, please let us know and we can discuss it.
  • We have several classmates we have lost touch with over the years and need your help locating.
  • This web site is being developed so that classmates can find out information about other classmates, register easily online, become a registered member so you can sign in and add memories or update deceased or lost classmates and much more.
  • Much information within our site will be private and the only way you will be able to access is to become a Registered Member.
  • Prices for the Class Reunion will be announced at a later date and a registration form will be developed at that time.

 Thank you for visiting our new site for The Class of '80 check back soon for updates!


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